Friday, June 14, 2013

High Five for Friday!

It's been awhile since I have done one of these...but I've been following Kate's blog a lot lately, and remembered that she does this every Friday! goes:

1. Father's day is this weekend! I'm looking forward to celebrating with Mike and my dad. We plan to go to a parade on Sunday, and then to the zoo with our little mister, and then will finish the weekend off at a stay in a hotel.

2. I've been on pinterest lately, searching for ideas to keep my little man busy this summer. I have found a lot of good ideas, and have pinned them ALL! I can't wait until we have a warm, sunny day and I can get him outside. Here's the link to my summer pinterest board. PS- while you're there...check out the great recipes too!

3.Yesterday morning, the sun was out and it was a beautiful 55 degrees at about 6:15, so I got up a little early and took Katie for a walk. She's not a great walker, but it sure was nice to breathe in the fresh air!

4. Naps. I have taken 2 naps already this week! That's all.

5. I bought some poppers at walmart this week for little mister to play with...and he LOVED them! His laugh totally cracked me up, and boy is he sure looking old. Where did my tiny baby go???

I'm linking up over here this week!