Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, a day late!

I have SO many things to be thankful for this year...
1. My babies


2. My husband

3.  Extended family
4. Friends
5. Pets
6. A warm home
7. Good food to eat
8. Mike's job
9. Cars that run, and have heat
I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving with your family and friends. We had a great time, and of course we ate WAY too much. Now, onto Christmas decorating!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


A lot has happened since the last time I wrote! One big thing, in particular...we had a baby! Please meet, our Little Miss!

She was born on Labor day, at 11:46pm.
Labor started at about 4am, with contractions coming fairly regularly. We timed them throughout the day, but halfway through the day, things seemed to slow down. My midwife said that the was on the wrong side, and that my labor probably wouldn't progress until she switched sides.

We walked around the mall for awhile, and then dropped our little mister with grandma so that I could go home and rest for awhile. A couple of hours later, my midwife said to come in so that I could at least know where we were at. We got there and I was only at a 4. Pretty disappointing, since I had been having contractions for about 14 hours at that point. We walked (RAN!) the halls/stairs in the hospital, hoping that would get me far enough to be admitted...I did NOT want to go back home!

After walking for about an hour, we went back to labor and delivery. Contractions were coming faster and stronger, so I was hoping that meant things were moving along. I was between 5-6cm. They decided to admit me, and once they did that, things REALLY got moving! Once we got into our room I could hardly move without having a contraction, and was in quite a bit of pain. I was able to get into the tub almost immediately, and was able to relax for about 2 minutes. My midwife was awesome and just let me do my own thing. I was able to go with what my body was telling me to do, and after 25 minutes of pushing, our baby girl was here!

Mike was able to "catch" our little miss, and cut the umbilical cord. Our hospital was so wonderful...we were able to keep the baby with us for all of her testing and check ups, I was able to nurse her right away, and I was able to SHOWER right away!!
It was a really wonderful, painful, totally worth it birth, and we are SO thankful that we have a healthy and happy baby girl.