Monday, April 30, 2012

My Little Mister

I've been wanting to write a story about my sweet little mister. Something that he will be able to read when he's older, so he will know what I was feeling and thinking while pregnant and when he was little.
Here's part one:

Hi sweet boy,
I have been wanting to write this for a long time, and just recently everything has been coming back to me, and I'm having an easier time remembering everything! Maybe it's because I'm sleeping a little better at night...well sometimes. I was thinking about when I first found out about you. I was so nervous that something was going to happen to you! At our first appointment, we got to have an ultrasound because I was so worried! Once we saw you though, and we got to see your sweet, and strong heartbeat, everything was just fine. We talked about everything that I could and could not eat, such as sandwich meat...and oh my I craved Subway soo bad! She also told me to drink a lot of water, so that you could always have clean fluid to swim in. After that, I probably drank a lot more water than I needed to! :) I also got these suckers called preggy-pops, which were supposed to help me to feel better...but they didn't work. It wasn't that I was sick, I just could not find anything that sounded good...except for candy, blueberry waffles, and tomato soup. Poor little guy, you didn't get a whole lot to eat for the first few months! At the next appointment.....
To be continued!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Healthy Substitutions

When I bake, I try to cut out some of the unhealthy things such as....butter. sugar. oils. You know, all of the really good things. Instead of using them, I have looked online and have found a few subs that work really well...and you can't even tell the difference! For REAL!
 Here's my list:
-Substitute milled flax seed for eggs in baked goods. A box of milled flax seed is two to three dollars, which is way cheaper than a few dozen eggs that you would use when cooking! get omega 3's!