Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sweet babies

A few weeks ago, we had to take our computer in to get fixed. Turns out it needed a new hard drive. That meant that it was going to wipe away all of our pictures, and other documents off of our computer. It wasn't too big of a deal since we had everything backed up already.


Brand New. Sweet baby boy.
The other day though, I plugged in the memory card, and uploaded all of the pictures from our camera. It has been FOREVER since I had done that. I have been looking through all of our pictures from the previous year and a half. It has been fun, but also kind of sad. I don't know where time has gone! My 2 year old boy used to be a baby! I don't know how he grew up so fast, and I don't know how I remember so little of his babyhood (is that a word?).

It made me think about what other things had been taking up my time during that time period. Things like...facebook, pinterest, cleaning my house, trying new recipes, etc. Too many things had captured my attention, and made me pay less attention to him. My heart aches. I want those memories back. I wish I had been on the floor playing with him more than I did. He should have had almost my full attention.

First Birthday
In a way, it's a good thing that I noticed this. Yes, it makes me sad. It also makes me want to do better. Better with both of my children. So, this means that I'm going to take less time for facebook. Less time pinning things. More time painting TOGETHER, or reading more books. More time just watching my babies, who are growing up right in front of me. I won't let me babies grow up without me knowing, until it's too late.

Last year at Christmastime
Just a couple of weeks ago

Monday, December 2, 2013

Three months

I cannot believe that this beautiful girl is already three months old.
I have no idea where time went...or how it flew by so fast. In the past three months I have:
*Slept less. A lot less.
*Gotten my exercise in by doing a lot of bouncing and swaying
Nursed a hungry baby girl...I thought about trying to get
 an estimate on how many times, but my poor tired brain
can't handle that!
*Taken a lot of naps
*Gotten in lots of extra (and much needed!)snuggle
time with a certain 2 year old
*Not showered every day....
*Left dirty dishes ALL over the counter
*Fed my child frozen waffles for supper (which I am actually totally
fine with...once in awhile)
*Stared at my baby girl for hours on end. She is seriously the prettiest
thing I have ever seen.

Life is good. Busy, stressful and tiring, but oh so good.
Happy three months Little Miss.