Monday, December 2, 2013

Three months

I cannot believe that this beautiful girl is already three months old.
I have no idea where time went...or how it flew by so fast. In the past three months I have:
*Slept less. A lot less.
*Gotten my exercise in by doing a lot of bouncing and swaying
Nursed a hungry baby girl...I thought about trying to get
 an estimate on how many times, but my poor tired brain
can't handle that!
*Taken a lot of naps
*Gotten in lots of extra (and much needed!)snuggle
time with a certain 2 year old
*Not showered every day....
*Left dirty dishes ALL over the counter
*Fed my child frozen waffles for supper (which I am actually totally
fine with...once in awhile)
*Stared at my baby girl for hours on end. She is seriously the prettiest
thing I have ever seen.

Life is good. Busy, stressful and tiring, but oh so good.
Happy three months Little Miss.

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