Saturday, April 28, 2012

Make-up Routine

When I get ready in the morning...or afternoon some days...I have a certain way that I do it.
Step 1: Shower
Step 2: Get dressed, and dry my hair
Step 3: While my hair is cooling off, and my straightener is heating up, I put on my make up.
**Now, if I still worked for Clinique, this is where I would tell you about my skin care routine...but that's changed! I will post later in the week about that**
          *Make up routine:
               1. Foundation- This is what I use. I love how light it feels, and the coverage that it gives. Of course I use the lightest color...
               2. Concealer- I use this little guy...hahaha. NOT because I have lines, but because it gives a nice medium/heavy coverage. I also use the lightest shade in that one.
               3. Some days if I'm really lazy this will be my last step. I don't use a setting powder over top, instead I use a bronzer. I feel like this gives me a little bit of color, and will help set the foundation. Once again, I'm using clinique...I believe that it is Sunkissed.
        **Some of my favorite products:
-I absolutely LOVE these. The thing I love, is that you can use them as a shadow themselves, or you can use them as a base for powder eye shadow. I promise, your eyeshadow will not come off until you wash it off! There are a lot of colors to choose from, and my advice is to actually go into the store, and not look online. You really can't tell the difference between the colors online, and if you go into the store, you can actually try them on! My favorite is salt and pepper.
-This is my favorite eye shadow, in Lucky Penny. It has a lot of shimmer, so it might not be right for everyone. I'm pretty sure that if you work for Clinique, it is a shadow that you MUST have.
-Mascara Primer is a must, if you are wanting big, bold lashes. It is white, and goes under your regular mascara.This is my favorite.
- Last but not least is lip gloss. I will tell you that I really REALLY hate sticky lip gloss. These ones do NOT stick. They are awesome! I also love the amount of color they have. You can choose to go bold, or you can be very light and subtle as well. Awesome.
Vitamin C Lip Smoothies

As I'm sure you can tell, I really love my Clinique products. I'm sure that once I run out of my stockpile I will have to start looking elsewhere, because they are a little spendy. But for now, I'm perfectly happy with everything I'm using. If you have any questions on their products, or really any on make up, let me know.
Happy Saturday!

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