Wednesday, July 24, 2013


With this pregnancy, I have had no desire to eat healthfully. And yes, I know that that is THE more important thing that you can do for yourself and your child while you're pregnant...but dangit, I'm just so hungry for junk food! I'm talking, frozen pizza, cheetos, candy, cake, cookies-you name it.
It's frustrating to me, because I know better...but the cravings are so strong that I almost NEED those foods. Can anyone relate?
In the beginning of this pregnancy, I did a lot of research and reading on the best foods to eat while pregnant, and came across this article. I loved that it was all real food, and a very simple diet. I've gone back to it numerous times, just for a little bit of motivation.
I have also been reading through The Birth Book, by Dr. Sears and his wife, where they give more information on eating a balanced diet. If you're pregnant and haven't read this it. It is by far the best book that I read on birth.

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