Thursday, January 26, 2012

Once a month cooking!

Earlier this month, Mike and I decided that we wanted to try Once a Month Cooking. I was interested mainly because I was starting school in early January, and wasn't sure how much time I would have for homework, taking care of my little mister, cleaning and cooking. We decided to give it a try, and boy has it been great! It is so easy to take something out of the freezer, let it thaw and then pop it into the oven! Here is the list of things that we made:

Sloppy Joe Meat (2)
Taco Meat (3)
Chicken Parmesan (we haven't tried this yet...but I'm really hoping that the chicken comes out cripsy!
Spaghetti Sauce (2)
Chicken Nuggets (recipe to follow!)
Taco Rice
Shephards pie (With mashed potatoes!)
Easy Taco Bake (Minus the biscuits...I mixed those up quickly the night that we made them)
Marinated Chicken (2)
Browned; Ground beef (5) (to use for nights that I actually feel like cooking!)
Cooked; Shredded Chicken (3)
Mashed Potatoes (2)
I did a lot of planning, and looking for recipes online...and also used my mom's 30 Day Gourmet Cookbook (Which has many recipes that are proven to work for freezer meals). Most of these recipes you can make your favorites of and freeze...but I will definitely be back for the chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes!
**Not only did this save me a lot of time in the kitchen this month, it also saved us a ton of money!! All I had to buy when going to the grocery store was produce!**

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