Thursday, July 19, 2012

Book review

I've been hooked on a series since last summer when I was pregnant. I was a nanny and had a little bit of down time each day, so I decided that it was finally time to start this series that my mom had told me about. I was a bit leery, because they were christian books, and I was just worried that they were going to be really cheesy. But! One morning, I went to the library and picked up the first book.

First book in the series- Redemption

I was hooked. Karen Kingsbury has such a gift for writing. She truly knows how to capture your heart, and keep you locked into the lives of the readers. She also portrays Christianity so well. She shows that Christians are not perfect, and that we fall just like everyone else. The books are about the Baxter family, and how they live and how they struggle during their lives.  I don't want to tell you much about the books, because I don't want to accidentally give anything away.If you haven't started reading yet, please do.

I hope to start an online book club with these books in the future...maybe this winter.

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