Monday, July 30, 2012


A few weeks back, we went to my parents' house for some grilling, and a fire. Of course we had the usual, chicken, hot dogs and such...but for dessert (ok, other than s'mores) I made grilled peaches. My original thought was that this would be nice and healthy, and a light dessert. That was until my mom came out of the house with her pampered chef caramel sugary stuff. So...we stuck the peach halves on the grill, and sprinkled them with some of the caramel sugar. They took a lot longer than I thought they would, over medium heat. So, we messed with the heat off and on, and eventually they were done. Then...we decided to top them with marshmallows, and to let them melt on the grill for a few minutes. Here's what we ended up with:



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