Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Birthday Boy!

Our little mister is ONE today! I don't know how that happened so quickly, but it did. I told myself for awhile that I was not going to allow him to have a birthday this year...maybe next year. Just to keep him a baby for a little while longer. Unfortunately, that's not how it goes, and here it is. His first birthday!
Here's how were going to celebrate:

Pancakes for breakfast, with a candle of course!
Snuggle time with mommy
Opening a present
Watching a favorite show
Looking at pictures of this past year
Looking through his baby book, and his "box" of things that I've kept.
Eating dinner together
Having dessert. I will even let him have a few bites!

We have to celebrate a little less, because our little mister is sick. But, it's a celebration nonetheless! I'm looking forward to remembering this past year, even though I'm a bit sad too. I'm guessing that this will happen with every birthday to come.

My brand new little guy!

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